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Birds Of A Feather Flock To Tybee In Winter

mona's pelicanWhen the weather outside gets frightful, birds of a feather flock to Tybee in Winter!  Hey, y’all, it’s time for the annual migration of snowbirds from the north and our island is right smack dab in the middle of the flight path.  Mermaid Cottages always looks forward to November, December, January and February when we can welcome old friends and frequent return guests for the quiet season.

At first, our beloved snowbirds touch down with that iced up, frown-frozen, zombie stare and they just want to curl up in their cottages with our free Wi-Fi Internet, premium TV channels, great books, games and videos collections.  As they thaw and start to venture out, the lure of eco tours, boat charters, fishing, hiking, cycling, kayaking, shopping, dining, live theater and music, and voluntourism opportunities bring forth a spring within each of them.  Tybee becomes just the right place to be!

birds of a feather flock to tybee in winter

Most Mermaid Cottages are pet friendly, so pack up your wag pack and bring them, too.  You’ll enjoy leisurely strolls through our neighborhoods and grand adventures to Little Tybee, Fort Pulaski and other area attractions.  Many of our seaside eateries have outdoor seating and that means you get to enjoy lots of fresh seafood with your favorite dinner dates…your pooches!

birds of a feather flock to tybee for winter

Email visitmermaid@gmail.com with your travel dates, number of snowbirds in your flock and tell us if you’ll need your cottage to be pet friendly.  Snowbird rentals are also perfect for solo travelers, couples, girls getaways, mancations and family fun.  The Mermaids will help you select just the right colorful nest for your best winter beach getaway, ever.  Prices based on availability, length of stay and sizes of accommodations.  Birds of a feather flock to Tybee for the winter.  Be a part of the annual migration and enjoy the fun. Book your snowbird rental with Mermaid Cottages today!



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