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blue bed of paradise

Bedded Bliss On Tybee Island

There’s bedded bliss on Tybee Island. Our Mermaids who manage and style our cottages get high marks from our guests for their housekeeping skills.  Our premium bedding and sun kissed linens are artfully prepared by our house management teams and each bed gets lots of Mermaid love.  Sweet dreams are always assured when you climb into any of our slumber chambers.  Check out some of our beautiful beds here and start planning your next deep sleep!

bedded bliss in white
17th Street Dream Cottage

Relax and enjoy a good night’s sleep with a white bedding set. Accelerate your sleep with a light room, white linens, comforter, accents, wall treatments and upholstery. White is the color of innocence.

pink bedded bliss
Blue Heron circa 1940

Isn’t it romantic?  A passionate pink boudoir? Pink symbolizes softness, romance, tenderness, love and affection. We love this trend for bedrooms.

twin beds in green at canty's cottage
Canty’s Cottage circa 1957

Green with envy?  Relax.  Green is the color of relaxation.  You’ll unite with nature and awaken refreshed after a night in this garden of lushness. It’s quite tranquil, don’t you think?

Sandpiper Cottage circa 1930

Are you blue? No.  You’re tranquil and at peace in this glorious blue bedroom. Blue fabrics in stripes and patterns are contemporary and modern and perfectly at home in this historic cottage.

we're down with brown for bedded bliss
Just Beachy circa 1967

Get a grip and settle down. You’ll add comfort and stability to your sleep chamber when you introduce shades of brown.

a bedroom lush with lavender
Seacation circa 1940

We love the lushness of lavender. Purple shades add mystery and charm to a bedroom.  We’re intrigued. Aren’t you?

get red for your bed.
Southern Cross circa 1935

Bring on the drama. There’s passion in a red bedroom. It makes this bedroom a very dynamic place to be.

who wouldn't love to sleep with palm trees dancing overhead
Madelyn’s on the Marsh circa 1954

We’re getting very sleepy and we’re ready for all of this bedded bliss.  Which bedroom color is right for you?  No worries. Mermaid Cottages has all of them and we recommend you visit often and try them all.



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