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April 2020

maddies on jones cottages

26 Tybee Island Doors That Knock Us Out

These are 26 Tybee Island doors that knock us out. Our collection features vintage and historical cottages, but they’re definitely not old and stuffy. They’re happy little houses near the sea and each has a soul of its own.  The eyes are the windows into the soul and these doors are your invitation into our cottage charm and coastal calm.  Knock. Knock.  Who’s there?

Green is the color of balance and growth and emotes self reliance.

Just Beachy Cottage circa 1967     

tints of blue mermaid cottages tees

Tybee Tints: Looking For Something In Blue

We love the coastal colors of our Mermaid Cottages and they each have special and unique Tybee tints.  Looking for something in blue?  Well, on Tybee Island there’s the sky.  The ocean.  The blue-gray of the dolphins who frolic and thrive.  Then, there are the blues of our cottages, their exterior trims, their shutters, their doors and their pops of blues throughout the interiors.  Whatever shade gives you calm and peace and that beachy vibe, you’ll find them all here.

Sanford’s Place circa 1930

tints of blueThis little color box was recently redecorated with pops of your favorite …

Coronavirus Update

To our upcoming Mermaid Cottages Guests,

We hope everyone is staying home, staying safe and staying healthy. As you may or may not know, we have shut Mermaid Cottages down until the first of May, 2020. We are not accepting reservations for the next 30 days. Beyond that, we are allowing new reservations but we are not billing the first half of the payment due until we know what’s going on. We will continue to determine if those reservations are allowed to happen based on the guidelines being set for travel.

Regarding your reservations any time from May 1st, 2020 thru the end of the year. At this time we are not taking any cancellations for those reservations. We are literally taking this situation day by day, even hour by hour. Hopefully, if everyone stays home as they should, the world will open back up. We are NOT charging your second half of the payment the rolling 30 days out like normal. You may still receive an automated email from us saying we are charging your card, but we are not. We need to determine if we’ll need to cancel your reservation or not based on the travel directives.

VERY IMPORTANT: As we have done for all our guest reservations for April, we will refund your money back- everything but the $89 plus tax reservation fee should the recommendations and guidelines continue for NO TRAVEL and to STAY HOME. We are watching the news daily and we will continue to treat each of your situations with care and love and humanity.

We hope this will answer the questions many of you have regarding your reservations and what will be happening.

Thank you!

Diane W. Kaufman
Head Mermaid
M: 912-313-0784