the midwest mermaid

The Midwest Mermaid

The Midwest Mermaid is our winter guest blogger and Mermaid Cottages is so happy to introduce you to her. She’ll be sharing a photo blog of her snowbird stay with us as she works remotely from Tybee Island.  We know you’ll enjoy her escapades and you’ll look forward to each new blog. Who is The Midwest Mermaid? One of the many mermaids-at-large from around the world we’re happy to have in our pod.

“It occurred to me I could mix things up and create an adventure.”

midwest mermaid sue marshall

“Living in a high rise in Chicago, I realized late last year that it wouldn’t be healthy for me (mentally or physically) to stay all winter while in the middle of a pandemic.  I knew I couldn’t continue to live in a place where I am not able to be outside due to snow, ice and wind chills.  On top of that, for the first time in my life, I wasn’t heading to the airport every other week as I am in sales.  I had this unique window of time where I was working from home exclusively.  It occurred to me I could mix things up and create an adventure.