Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

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Why Choose Mermaid Cottages Vacation Rentals

Why Choose Mermaid Cottages Vacation Rentals? Our happy little houses by the sea have been popular choices for solo travelers, couples, friends, families and groups vacationing for many years. More recently, our cottages have gained mainstream attention. Our cottages offer a home-away-from-home feeling while you’re on vacation. You have many of the same luxuries of home in a Mermaid Cottage, and then there’s our brand standards of cottage charm and coastal calm, and hi-speed Internet for remote working and learning, too. Each of our cottages is individually owned, comfortably decorated, well-maintained, and fit for everyday life.

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Benefits of Booking a Mermaid Cottage

Booking a Mermaid Cottages rental has many benefits over other travel accommodations. Though intimate and cozy, our cottages have more space than your standard hotel room or hotel suite, making it easier for groups to stay together. You’ll find spacious common areas as well as private rooms and bathrooms so everyone can gather when you want, but also indulge in your own private time when needed.

why choose mermaid cottages

Mermaid Cottages are a better value since more guests can fit with ease. You can also save on the cost of food since each of our cottages are equipped with full kitchens. Plus, because you have your own kitchen in your cottage you don’t have to abide by a set dining schedule.

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If you have special needs and/or requests, please email or phone our Mermaid-On-Duty for more about what’s included in your kitchen setup and local Tybee Island resources on stocking your space with everything you’ll need for a great stay. Whether you’re visiting for a weekend getaway, a week long vacation or planning an extended stay, our cottages will make you feel like a local! Choose Mermaid Cottages for your next vacation or last-minute getaway!


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