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Mermaid Sighting: Fripp Island Giggle!

     From time to time, I get to visit another favorite place…Fripp Island, South Carolina. I was there a little while back and, while shopping for fun cottage finds, I spotted these beautiful ladies! What a grouping, huh? I was curious to know…what do you call a grouping of mermaids? A search of the internet didn’t really answer the question well, but one suggestion I saw was a “giggle”. I like that, so…I suppose this is a rare sighting of a giggle of mermaids!

     We would love to see your mermaid sightings! Have you spotted a merman, a mermaid, or even an entire giggle of them? Please share! Send your sightings to and it could be featured right here on our blog!

Mermaid Sighting: Mermaid Cat!

     Mostly, you see mermaids pictured as beautiful maidens with lithe, curvy figures and flowing hair. But, every once in a while, you see something else. I just adore this Mermaid Cat…or Mercat, whatever floats your boat. It’s whimsical, cute, and totally unexpected, and I love that!

     This unique mermaid is by Sandi of Sandi’s Shellscapes on Etsy. The artist is even located near Daytona Beach, FL like our sighting from last week! She has a wonderful shop full of lovelies, so make sure you pay her a visit and get your sea shell fix.
     Don’t forget, mermaids are everywhere! If you spot one, we’d love to see it. You can send your sighting and a little info about your mermaid to Your mermaid might be the next one featured right here! We can’t wait to hear from you!

Mermaid Sighting: Daytona Beach

This week, we have a mermaid sighting from our good friend Teresa! She spotted this lovely maiden at a flea market in Daytona Beach, Florida. 
Isn’t she beautiful?! Thank you for sharing Teresa! We love hearing from you when you see a mermaid. Please send us your sightings at and keep your eyes peeled, your sighting may end up right here on our blog! We can’t wait to hear from you!

Mermaid Sighting: A Professional Mermaid!

     Fellow Mermaid Melissa (way up in the snow banks of Pennsylvania!) shared this website with us after seeing it’s owner feature on the Kathie Lee and Hoda hour of the TODAY show this past week! Mermaids In Motion aims to give you a truly live mermaid experience. Mermaid Linden not only performs for parties, events, in film, and in print, but she also helps children gain and grow their love and respect for the world’s oceans…and that makes her a hero in our book!

     Isn’t that amazing?! What a dream job, huh? Mermaid Linden, thank you for what you do, and for proving to the world mermaids DO exist! If you see a mermaid, please share! Send your mermaid sightings to and it may end up in our next post!