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Mermaid Sighting: Martha’s Mermaid

It’s that time again! Today’s mermaid sighting was sent to us from one of our favorite regular guests, Martha. She spotted this beautiful mermaid while in Wakulla, Florida! I just love that she is a whimsical cross-stitch…and the charms in her hair, and her nautilus perch! Ok, I love it all!
Thank you for sharing your sighting with us Martha, she’s fabulous! 
Have you seen a mermaid? They are everywhere you know…keep your eyes open and camera ready! If you snap a shot of a mermaid (or merman!), please share it with us. We’d love to post your sighting here for everyone to admire! Send you sightings to today!

Mermaid Sighting: Arria

     Like people, mermaids come in all shapes and sizes, and this week, we have a doozie! Fellow merman, David, sent us this sighting and boy, is she breathtaking. Her name is Arria and she guards the entrance to the Scottish town of Cumberland. The post from My Modern Met, where David first spotted Arria, has loads of info about the statue, so make sure you head over there and have a look.

     The 33 foot high mermaid even lights up! What a sight this lovely lady must be at night, in person. I just love the article tidbit about the mermaid being thought to bring luck and prosperity to the village! They are wonderful talismans here on Tybee, for sure. Thanks for sharing David!
     Remember, mermaids are everywhere! Keep your eyes peeled…you may have a sighting of your own! If you do, we’d love to hear from you. Please send your sightings to and let us share your sighting with everyone!

Mermaid Sighting: Sea Maiden

Our friend Louie Windom sent us an email a little while ago and shared this wonderful t-shirt! It was featured on Sally Lee by the Sea…an awesome coastal blog you should totally check out. The shirt is part of a collection by Atlanta artist Michelle Feis, and we love everything about it! Make sure to check out Michelle’s other beautiful creations as well. Thanks so much for sharing this with us Louie!

Don’t forget, we love hearing about your mermaid sightings too! Please take time to send your picture and story to so we can share it with everyone here on our blog! We can’t wait to hear from you!

Yellow Labs and Mermaids- two of my favorite things!

I love being here in Key West. Even thought Max is not feeling well, Danny is his usual crazy self. He’s my walking buddy and we’re walking all over our neighborhood here in Old Town. Every where I look is another amazing cottage restoration.  Heaven for someone like me who loves old houses.

But there is another element to Key West which I love.  Craziness.  Pure and right there in your face people who just don’t care how things look to the rest of the world. I’ve heard this place called the “Island of misfit toys” over and over.

Today’s walk took the cup cake.  I was walking and saw a mermaid sticking out from a roof top.  Cool! A mermaid sighting!  Then I looked again.  Not one but TWO YELLOW LABS sitting on the roof! A mermaid and yellow labs – life doesn’t get any better!

But here’s the crazier thing. The are literally right on the edge of the house. And they are walking around- looking at people ( who like me are taking pictures of this sight!)  Then they get bored of the people and just lay back down and take another nap. True labs!  Isn’t this incredible???