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Sea La Vie

Sea La Vie is a progressive, participatory novella. Follow the lives of an old world family as they fight to begin life in the new world and eventually establish Sea La Vie, their Tybee Island Beach Cottage and their ties to the mermaids of the sea.

Sea La Vie

A Tybee Island Novella


Banshees are typically clad in all white or grey with long, pale hair that they brush with a silver comb.

If you ever see a silver comb lying on the ground you must never pick it up for it has been placed there by the banshee to lure unsuspecting humans and those most gullible will be spirited away. …

Sea La Vie


     “There is no distance too great…there is no transgression too severe…there is no end to my love for you, son…you must always find your way home to Sea La Vie, for it is life…”

Tiercy’s words kept running through my head.  Fighting for my soul.  Her strength and power still trying to protect me.  Can my mother’s love carry me through…once again?  Tiercy, my mother, had been the strongest most powerful influence in my life.  Even while our family history dictated we must follow the teachings of my great grandfather, Erik, and honor his commitment and debt to Roya and her league,  my mother tried to protect me from what I now believe must be my final fate.

I’ve made it to Ossabaw Island.  Though it is dark and only softy lit by a half moon, it is my familiar.  For what I must do now I cannot bring shame to Sea La Vie.  This is as close as I dare bring this dishonor I am about to commit.  My beloved Tybee Island.  My precious Sea La Vie.  I will spare you my burden.  For all my mother’s love I cannot overcome this destiny that seems to have been placed upon me from the beginning.  It is my lot.

photo by Julie Cioni Corbin

My mother did everything she could and I know it even more now.  At birth I was to have been named Lucian, but for reasons only once explained to me  my grandmother burst into the room and declared, “Tiercy, you will not give that boy that name.  I will not have my husband look at that boy and hear that name for the rest of his life.” My mother had not discovered her strength as of yet, so it was to be as my grandmother declared.

I understand the reasoning.  I just wish my mother had found another way to give me a name that would instill power and confidence and bring honor to what she had in her heart.  My name was changed that day.  I have bore this life so far as  William Pontifer Scout.  Everyone called me Pony.  I have lived up to it as best I could, but here I am standing on this mound of rocks overlooking what must be my fate.  The bare limbs of this bunya bunya tree swaying in the breeze above my head are much like the shedding antlers of our island bucks after ther rutting season.  Even the tide seems to be retreating from my disgrace as it rapidly recedes. It’s rushing out to sea so as not to bear withness to my decision.

Pony.  Pony Scout.   No more.


To be continued…

Is it truth or fiction?  You must come see for your self.  Sea La Vie, a Tybee Island novella…

A Tybee Island Novella

Photo by Curtis Richardson

I dropped a tear in the ocean.  The day you find it
is the day I will stop missing you.  ~Author Unknown

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Are you sad that All My Children is coming to an end?  Erica Kane never had story lines as good as this!

Follow the lives of an old world family and their connections to the Mermaids of the sea through the four generations that settle in the south and eventually establish Sea La Vie, their Tybee Island Beach Cottage.

The family’s existence and their progress is directly related to the gods and mermaids of the seas…but they don’t always know it.

Tune in each week to follow this saga and for your chance to submit your design ideas for Sea La Vie as this family’s story unfolds.

You may even be asked to submit photos and drawings of what you think the land dwellers and their mysterious sea benefactors look like!

Get ready to meet Roya, the Mermaid Queen.  It’s said her tears would turn into priceless pearls and that her kiss could cure disease.  Anger her and she could command a legion of mermaids to take humans deep beneath the sea, drown them and then eat them.  What do you think she would look like?

Sea La Vie is a progressive, participatory novella.  Heed the sirens’ calls.  You may just end up in a story line!

Be sure to check here each day to join us on this journey.

The adventure starts this weekend!