Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

Sea La Vie

A Tybee Island Novella


Banshees are typically clad in all white or grey with long, pale hair that they brush with a silver comb.

If you ever see a silver comb lying on the ground you must never pick it up for it has been placed there by the banshee to lure unsuspecting humans and those most gullible will be spirited away.

Roya came down to the West Highlands of Scotland in goddess form for she had become obsessed with a human.  She laid out for him wealth and riches and great happiness.  She betowed her blessings upon him in secret until she decided he was worthy of joining her as a mate.  A mating of the ethereal goddess, Roya,  and this human male would surely create spectacular mutant offspring with which to rule these Scottish hillsides.  Their kingdom would extend across Scotland and they would welcome and benefit the Irish immigrants chosen to settle there.

Roya’s love was so profound for her chosen human that before she revealed herself to him she would weep by his bedside while he slept and her tears would turn into extraordinary, perfect ivory pearls.  Each morning he would rise to find a new cache of these perfect white orbs overflowing from around his pillow, across his bed and onto the floor.

“I must be most favored by the gods that watch over me as my riches continue to grow and multiply each time I sleep.  I must go forward and fulfill my destiny to lord over these Scottish hills and bring forth a companion for this blessed life so that we may provide generations of grateful sons and daughters to give thanks for our good fortune.”

Roya was well pleased that her chosen human was indeed a fine man of compassion and feelings and fit of physique as well as keen of mind.  The day of their meeting was finally approaching when she would reveal herself in human form to him.  She would let him know he had been deemed a suitable, in fact, optimal mate for her.  Their new kingdom would know no equal.  Their love and prosperity would create an eternal heaven on this earth.

Roya would reign over her Utopia with this man and all would be love and happiness.  She would never again have to send the wrath of the twenty-five banshees she had commanded for all time.  No other humans would be lured to their sirens calls.  No other mortals would be gullible to their traps.  No one would be drowned and taken down into the depths of the seas and then devoured for falling from grace and favor.

Roya would now reveal herself.

Just  A Mermaid\’s Tale, you ask?  There’s only one way to know for sure.  You must come and see where the legend and the truth reveal themselves.  Tybee Island is the keeper of the lore.  The place on earth that can provide the answers to the mysteries.  The conflict has been resovled.  The Utopia Roya envisioned did come to be.  But, there was a journey to be taken…

You must continue this journey for the story can be told with your help.  Mermaid Cottages invites you to live the adventure.

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