The last stop on the New England Road trip

While cruising back down I 95 from Boston, half way home is New York City. Right before the city is New Rochelle, NY. We pulled over for gas and the smell of bagels was in the air ( well, at least in my imagination…) We asked the gas attendant who was from East Africa and he immediately gave us directions to the “best Jewish deli in town”.

8 miles later through town, we found the bagel shop. Line out the door! Well worth the wait. Hot corned pastrami on rye, an Everything Bagel with a smear of cream cheese and lox, half sour pickles…. yummy! This little shopping center was a mini UN. In the same strip was an Italian deli carry out, Middle Eastern restaurant, Starbucks staffed by all goth looking kids and our Bagel Shop. Just goes to show you how the world truly can live ( and eat!) together when we try!

Speaking of our country as a melting pot, I’ve been staying throughout these past three weeks at various Marriott hotels ( did you think I’d stay at another hotel chain after 26 years?) and was really struck by the realization that the majority of the people who work in our hotels have English as a second language. They work in all areas from the front desk to housekeeping to managing the hotels. But even more interesting to me was the look on the faces I saw. There was a look of hope and happiness and yes- feeling proud to be an American ( or at least working in America for some I’m sure!) I truly don’t think I was imagining this and don’t know if it’s because we just had the election, but as I honestly saw something different in the faces of the people who are primarily on the lower end of the economic ladder. I think it’s because a majority of our country feels we are now part of something bigger then just ourselves and we’re a country who can work together to bring our country back . Quite a wonderful experience! And GREAT BAGELS!!!