Happy 60th Birthday Prince Charles!

You gotta love Charles…. Even though I was on the Diana side of the divorce, the more you read about their lives, you realize they should never have married….. and as there always is- two sides to the story… Over the years, we Diana fans have come to love Charles for what and who he is, starting with his genuine grief over her death , then how he raised his boys, concluding with marrying Camilla – his true love- a woman who didn’t wear make up, worry about her attire and except for Charles who she loved for over 30 years before he married her- loved dogs and horses more then she loved humans.

Charles just turned 60, the longest person in English history to wait to become King…. He has done many, many amazing things in his life including being a “sponsor” of over 350 British Charities and forming several foundations to work on one of his many passions in life. One of which is finding ways to help save planet earth…

There are two terrific websites to visit to learn more about Charles , his life, what’s he’s up to ( his version of a blog! ) and just to look at some great pictures of his life, including the boys!

Happy Birthday Charles! We yanks wish you the happiest of Birthdays!