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October 2008

Halloween is just around the corner….

Tybee celebrates Halloween in a big, big way…. Lewis Ave ( where Crabby Pirate and Missy’s on the Marsh are located) literally shuts down so all the children of Tybee can come and Trick or Treat on the street. Adults, kids, policemen, city officials- everyone dresses up!

We also have some guests coming to visit us who have the sixth sense…. Seriously. If you live in the Tybee area, they’ve also offered to come to your home and ask the spirits why they’re there and if appropiate to leave…. In their own words:

” My name is Kathy, I am a psychic medium from Indianapolis. My husband and I do paranormal investigations and I do psychic and tarot card readings. recently I did a Halloween Podcast, Oct. 25th, at 9 PM. for on some of the cases we have investigated. If you would like to hear the broadcast click on this link:

it will take you straight to the podcast. My hubby and I will be in Tybee in a couple of weeks. If anyone has any ideas of sights we should check out drop us a line at:

We love how so many of our guests become part of the Mermaid Cottage family! And we look forward to welcoming Kathy and her family – including the ferrets- to our island!

Updates on the beach renourishment project

As many of you know, the island is in the middle of re nourishing the beach. This is a major project taking several million dollars and 2 months to complete. Here is a recent story from the local TV station that I thought all of you would enjoy seeing. Thanks to for keeping the public current on the progress!

We celebrated Mary Lou’s Birthday in Tybee Style!




Our beloved Mary Lou celebrated a birthday recently and we celebrated in great Tybee Style! Yes, these are adults wearing birthday hats- why- well just because we could! Mary Lou is now off on a road trip with another Tybee favorite- Joyce- they jumped in their car last week and headed off – a la Thelma and Louise- to drive to Texas! Not sure when she’s returning- but as she said- “I’ll be back before Spring!”

The NY Times discovers Tybee….

During the pirate fest , I saw one of my friends who said she heard there was a reporter from the NY Times wandering around to experience all the Tybee pirate fun! Sure enough, the reporter went back to NYC and wrote about our little island and even better- put the story on the front page of the Fashion and Style section! True, the story was about Pirate Fashion, but fashion is fashion. I watch Project Runway and see what they create! Read this article and you’d better start working on your Pirate Fest outfit for next year! Like I said earlier…. Mermaid Pirates…..

My weekend as a Pom Pom Girl

I’m off to my college for Homecoming this weekend, but even bigger ( especially since I haven’t been to one Homecoming in 30 years) is I’m attending because of the 100th Year Anniversary of the Marching Band- of which my Pom Pom Squad was part. More to come on this after the weekend, but in the meantime, here’s a picture of my squad in 1974 at the University of Maryland ( can you find me with my Farrah Fawcett hairstyle which we all had in 1973 on?)
You can also visit the website we have set up for the weekend for all the details and pictures! My years were 1969- 1977 with my actual years 1973- 1977. Enjoy!