The First Tybee Bark Park Fundraiser Today

Spring has come to Tybee. We were quite cold the past couple of weeks- yes I know- all our visitors from up north, Canada and the midwest have been laughing when we say how cold we are! However cold we’ve been, but happy we are now because the sun is shining the air is warm ( but no humidity) and our visitors are flocking back to the island. AJ’s Dockside Restaurant was PACKED last night, the herds of bike riders are all over the island ( one of my favorite sights looking out my office window is seeing entire families riding their bikes) and it’s just a happy time to be here.
Big, important announcement! Today- Saturday March 7th from 11AM- 1:30PM run, walk, ride your bike but somehow get yourself to Seaside Sisters Coastal Cottage Shop. The first fundraiser EVER for Tybee’s Bark Parks is being held . One of the great books we sell in the shop is Savannah Deserts by Janice Shay one of our local writers. The book features all sorts of recipes from local restaurants – including the famous Gooey Butter Cake from Miss Paula Deen and The Lady and Sons Restaurant. But the BEST recipe is “my” recipe the Sour Cream Peach Pound Cake. I’ve offered this recipe on previous blogs – under Recipes. This is the cake I can make in my sleep, I have it perfected including the certain type of canned peaches I use. Only use canned peaches, makes the cake so much more moist. I also use organic eggs from the Green Market here in Savannah- I’ll be blogging about these eggs and the chickens they come from on Wednesday when I go to the market again.
Today you don’t have to make this cake yourself. We’re doing a raffle today to raise money for the Tybee Bark Parks and I baked not one, but THREE cakes last night. The whole cottage just smelled great for hours. Two ways to be part of the raffle, when you buy a book you automatically get to fill out a raffle ticker. Or you can just buy raffle tickets and enter your chances for one of the three hourly raffles.
We’ll see you at Seaside Sisters today and hope you’re the one who has this fabulous cake for desert tonight!