My new career- Reality TV Star

It all started so promising…. my hair place in South Beach told me that when I came in for my hair cut and highlights ( yes, that blond hair is not natural) I’d need to sign a release form. On the way back to Port Charlotte I was heading thru Miami to get my hair cut like I usually try to do when I’m in Florida…. When I asked why the press release, they told me they were being considered for a new reality TV show featuring a trendy hair salon . I laughed and told them I was the exact opposite of their usual clientele- Middle Aged, normal looking ( meaning not tall, thin and pouty) and flat hair. She told me that would be ideal especially because I was driving 7 hours for a hair cut!

I arrived on time, the production assistant made the group of us sign a release form ( he also had to describe what I looked like- I kept waiting for him to write down wrinkles, non trendy clothes and anything else that would distinguish me from the others waiting. ) Shakira and Lillianna who cut and highlight my hair both looked frazzled. The tv crew had been there all day and the bright lights and roving tv cameras were taking their toll. I sit in the chair and Shakira starts the foil process. No conversation. We’re both silent. She’s foiling away, I’m trying not to stare at the camera which is pointed directly at my head. Can’t think of a witty thing to say that might be captured on the next big reality show…. It was the oddest thing because I looked around and NO ONE was talking. All of those wanna be models and actresses who were there to get their hair cut also were silent. I have no idea if the cameras were perhaps capturing conversations and juicy life stories in the back rooms and perhaps were were just the background, but they were there shooting for the entire 2 hours I was there.

And the worst of it- poor Lilliana was so distracted that she just kept cutting my hair! I’d come in for a trim and now have a great hair cut, but way too short!!! And how was I supposed to tell her that with the cameras rolling… Or come to think of that, maybe that WAS their way of creating drama! Oh Well… They’ll let us know if/ when the pilot is picked up. The Real Housewives of the Hair Salon we were not…

Visit their website for hopefully updates on the show