Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm


When I was with Marriott , one of the things both Mr. Marriott Senior and the current Mr. Marriott always preached was MBWA : Management by walking around. They truly believed that the best hotel General Managers did not sit in their offices, but walked around the hotel seeing what the guests and the associates were doing. You can’t manage your business from behind a closed door.

My Tybee version is to walk the dogs around the island around 6PM every day. It’s amazing the people you see and the things you experience at this time of the day. Partly it’s because the folks are coming off the beach, heading to dinner or just relaxing and walking themselves.

Here’s all the things that happened to me today on my 6PM walk around the island.

  • Espy found his bike! Thanks to everyone’s assistance, the bike was found on South Campbell fully intact. He was riding his bike around happy as can be. He thanks everyone on the island for their help and in his words ” This is why I love Tybee!”
  • I talked to three separate groups of first time visitors and gave them suggestions on places to go and eat on the island. Also gave them Mermaid Cottages website so they can stay with us next visit. Wisconsin and Ohio visitors here on their first trip. They loved getting to hear the “local” feedback.
  • Saw some of my wonderful team who had finished a great day of work. Everyone is so happy to be back working again after a quiet winter. We love our visitors and so glad season is here!
  • Saw the beautiful brand new landscaping of the newest Mermaid Cottage- Breeze Inn… stay tuned for the pictures and details on this amazing newly restored beach cottage… Kelly our organic gardener created magic yet again!

Whee! All this happening in a 50 minute walk!

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