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Month: June 2009

We love Miley!

We truly love our newest summer resident. She is not only here working very hard on the movie that will positively affect our island’s economy for years to come, but she’s constantly out and about enjoying the island like the rest of our summer guests! There have been Miley sightings all over ( and let’s not forget how much we love Greg Kinnear as well who’s equally out and about enjoying Tybee.)

This is a picture taken and then posted on the internet of Miley playing very impromptu at Stingray’s Seafood restaurant right on Butler and 14th Street. Here in the words of Libby Green who wrote about what happened:

Miley apparently felt rather musical after dinner so she decided she wanted to sing and play guitar with a local artist named Jason Courtney.
Libby writes: “One of the few talents artist around, she played the guitar beautifully and sang even better. ( the song she wrote was in her pocket, she used it to remember the lyrics, pretty sure it was a ” getting over a break-up song”)”
No need to guess what that song was about!
But, how nice! What a treat for Tybee Island!
Most people are shelling out 80 bucks a seat to see Lil’ Miley belt a tune. We bet this intimate performance was much better!”

Thank you Miley! We hope you continue to enjoy our island paradise all summer!

My baby birds have a name- Green Herons!

I LOVE how so many of you are reading the blog! I heard from not one but two of our loyal readers who’ve told me my baby birds ( and mother and father) are Green Herons. Here is the info they shared with me. This picture is how a male looks. Here’s some info they shared:
“The female green heron lays three to six eggs in a nest made of sticks. Both the female and male make the nest. The male gathers the materials and the female constructs the nest. The nest is built in a tree, in a dense thicket, or occasionally, in the reeds or cattails in a marsh or in an orchard. The eggs take about three weeks to hatch and both parents incubate the eggs. The chicks are fed regurgitated food by both parents. When a parent comes to the nest, the chicks grab its bill to stimulate regurgitation. The chicks fledge in about three weeks but are hopping around the nest and snapping at insects when they are two weeks old. “
Our babies are making me very nervous! They are all three out of the nest and sitting on the tree limbs watching everything that is going on in the neighborhood. I wish they would stay in their nest until they are ready to fly! They are still too young to fly and if one of them were to fall out of that nest, not sure what I would do… I’m going to try and take some pictures to share.

The baby birds have hatched


You really can’t see in these pictures- but there is a very unique looking bird’s nest. It’s built from twigs and branches like an osprey nest but much smaller. The bird that built the next hangs out in my front yard, drinks in my bird bath and watches my front door and all the comings and goings. The babies have hatched! I saw two or three little fuzzy chicks sitting on the edge of the nest yesterday. The mom was else where but the babies are either waiting to learn to fly or also just watching everything that happens on my street ( and believe me right now my street is a very interesting place to watch and observe!) The bird is very odd, Michael Boddine our technology guru and I were trying to figure out what she is and my camera couldn’t pick up her up in my pictures. She’s a dark purple with little tufts on her head and about the size of a duck ( but she looks more like a small heron or egret) I’ll hopefully be able to capture her on film better next time. I hope I can also see the babies better today!

My Garden is flourishing!



No- it’s not the rain barrels ( but I have collected .5 inch of water!) but look how beautiful my garden is doing this year!!!
I love the addition of the Sunflowers- this will now be a yearly plantings because they are so big and beautiful. BTW- the rain barrels can’t be painted- they need to be black for some reason ( I had asked) . I also don’t have a rain spout to collect more water- I just need to keep moving the barrels around till I find the exact spot where I can collect the most water. There are butterflies and dragon flies all over the garden but so far no luck with any hummingbirds…

Tybee Tour of Homes 2009


The Tybee Tour of Homes happened last weekend. For the first time in 6 years I was able to enjoy the tour vs having one ( or two or three!) homes in the tour. It was GREAT to be able to just go from home to home seeing the creative genius that is all over this island. We always are a sponsor of the Tour, but that doesn’t involve any work. There were some cute little cottages , a Grande Dame Old Tybee Cottage fully restored and even a very modern “South Beach” style home with an IKEA kitchen . Thank you to all our friends on the tour committee for having such a super fundraiser and great way to spend a Saturday.
We’re already on to 2010- Mary Kay Andrews has agreed to have Breeze Inn on the Tour… Visit to see more details on this year and of course next year’s tough.