I’m the Bubba Gump of Tomatoes

I love fresh tomatoes and this is tomato season. We can buy them at Davis Produce on the way to Tybee – they bill themselves as Home of the Killer Tomatoes ( not sure why that name..) or once on the island, you can buy them at Mama B’s Produce Stand which is staffed by the cutest young man imaginable. No matter where I buy them, they are fresh and full of sunshine and just delicious. Penny ( my college roommate and dear friend of 3 plus decades…yikes!) was here visiting for the 4th and we made tomato everything. Tomato Pie with blue cheese and vidilia onions, Gazpacho soup and fried green tomatoes! Nothing could be better. In fact my tomato pie is so good, I’ve actually been making another one as soon as I finish the current one. There is a tomato pie in my refrig as we speak waiting for dinner tomorrow! You can find recipes for all these summer treats on http://www.southernliving.com/