Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

July 28, 2009

The Last Song Church

This church just fascinates me! The church has been built on an empty lot in front of Fish Camp Cottage from scratch. Then the church was partially burnt and painted to look burnt. Now the church as been re built and looks pristine and perfect. Scenes for the movie will be shot there in another few weeks with the church looking just this way. Then who knows what will happen to the church! Stay tuned to see what happens with “the Tybee Island Baptist Church!”

Paula Deen has a new fan….Danny does it again.

Danny the cupcake eating dog has a new passion. Paula Deen’s Cheese Biscuit Mix. SeaSide Sisters now carries a wide variety of Paula’s sauces , spices and mixes and I had here at the cottage several boxes of the biscuit mix. I know my dog and my dog smells anything that remotely might be something to eat and he’s on the counter and he’s chowing down on what ever that may be and he can reach. Readers of my blog know he’s eaten cup cakes, sour cream peach pound cake, entire bags of confectioner sugar… the list goes on. But I NEVER thought he would reach far enough on the counter, take a box of biscuit mix and EAT the entire box!  

I came back home from a dinner with friends and found the tell tale signs of Danny eating something he shouldn’t have. There was a trail of powder all over throughout the house but I couldn’t figure out what he could have possibly have eaten. Everything was put away. Then I smelled his face. Cheesy smell… Hmmm….. I looked in the office area and where there used to be three boxes of cheese biscuit mix, there were now two. So I took another box and sure enough, Danny went crazy over the smell and started to eat the next box!


He certainly has good taste! The rest of us can also enjoy these cheese biscuits by buying a box at SeaSide Sisters!