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Julie and Julia- The movie, the book and the blog

I went to see this charming and very endearing movie over the weekend. and the blog





I loved the movie for many reasons, but one of the reasons why was Meryl Streep playing Julia Child. She is happy perfection. Every single time she walked on the screen you just smiled because you loved her. I also loved the movie because the unlikely love story between Julia and Paul Child was told. He just adored her. He was 10 years older then she was and they worked together for a long time. During one scene of the movie, a guest at the dinner party asked how they met. He explained how they’d been working together for years and finally during a dinner, he realized that she was the one and always had been “the one”. You could hear every middle aged mermaid in the audience sigh out loud. .. Middle age love is a truly joy to watch!
I also loved the movie because it was about a blogger who discovered the wonders of blogging and sharing parts of her life’s adventures and the people that follow her. I still am not quite sure why I love blogging so much, I’ve never considered myself a writer or any ambitions to write a book, magazine article or column, but there is something about being able to sit down at my laptop and share our island and goings on that is just a great time for me. There was one part of the movie when Julie receives her very first comment on her blog. I knew just how she felt! Thrilled that someone was reading what she was writing every day!!!
I recommend the movie, I recommend reading both books the movie was based on , I recommend following Julie Powel’s Blog and most of all I recommend you purchase Julia Child’s Masterpiece Cook book. I have an idea floating around in my mind about which cook book I’d like to prepare every single recipe in the book…. Julia’s book is too much, but there’s another Southern Writer who’s brand new book comes out next week who’s also written a cook book. Other then Mary Kay Andrews- he’s my favorite Southern writer and I’ve often thought I’d like to prepare every recipe in the book… this movie may be my inspiration. I’ll let everyone know if I decide to proceed- best of all, there’s far fewer recipe’s then Julia’s 500 plus !

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