Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

Katie comes home!

One of the true delights of life is when the daughter that you raised comes back home for a visit as a young adult. She cooks, she chats, she likes to do everything I like and more, she tells me about her adventures and best of all she’s my blood and my legacy and what I’ll leave behind when I’m gone. Her summer job in Brevard, NC where she works during the school year is managing the camp’s organic garden. She brought home bounty from the garden! Is there anything better then fresh heirloom tomatoes, okra, fresh basil and peaches? We made breakfast, lunch and dinner at home every day because there couldn’t possibly be anything better at any of the local restaurants. Adding to the fresh fruits and veggies were shrimp from the shrimp boats of Lazeretto Creek that were swimming in the marsh and ocean a day earlier.













We rode our beach bikes daily, especially at dusk which is our favorite time of the day. The beach bikes have seen better days but they get us around and no one would ever consider stealing them. We went to the beach to sit in the tidal pools of the south end of the island and spent one magical afternoon off Suzanne’s dock floating on big inner tubes tied to the docks and watching the tide float out of the tidal creek. Each evening we’d see what reality tv shows were on and were so delighted when Sex and the City- The movie was on HBO! Katie has left to go back to her real life and work and I already miss her!

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