We finally meet Berkeley face to face

Berkeley , our newest guide dog puppy and Sandy – his puppy raiser, came by to visit on their way home to Sandy’s in Orlando. Sandy is one of my Marriott friends who is now on her 6th puppy to raise for the Guide Dog Foundation. Berkeley is a beautiful, sweet and very smart little dog and we all loved meeting him. Everyone was very excited to have a chance to cuddle him- except for Danny who just sat on the top step and wondered what all the fuss was about. He forgets that before he began his life as a lucky Tybee dog, he was a guide dog puppy himself! And if it weren’t for his bad hips, he would have been a wonderful service animal. We’ll keep everyone updated on Berkeley’s progress as he grows and learns all the way thru his year with Sandy and then when he heads back to Guide Dog School for his harness training.
Thank you Sandy for your dedication to our guide dog puppies and thank you to Marriott for being so supportive with allowing associates to raise the puppies!