The Shine a Light Contest- we need your help! Deadline is Sept 13th!!

Beth Thrasher has nominated Mermaid Cottages to be part of the Shine A Light project created to help support and recognize “Aspiring Small Business!” The nomination just went on the website BUT….. we need to have at least 50 people endorse our nomination to make it to the next round of the judging process. AND the deadline to receive the 50 nominations is September 13th….

If you have a few minutes– please go to and endorse Mermaid Cottages. You can read all about the program, read Beth’s nomination and together we’ll see what happens next!

PS- even if you do decide not to endorse our nomination- it’s great fun just to read about all these amazing small businesses around the country and the work they are doing as they create and grow their business. Makes you proud to see = yet again- how ingenious and creative people can be!