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Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I’m enjoying a role reversal today as the guest vs the vacation rental manager as I’m with a group of friends here in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Renting a home from Doug Brindley and the Brindley Vacation Rental Company www.brindleybeach.com here in Corolla, NC where the wild horses run on the beaches.

We’re cookin‘ up a storm and eating like kings and queens. So far some of the yummy food has included Buffalo Chicken Dip, Tres Leches Cake ( recipes.com then search tres leches cake- I promise you, you’ll want to try this cake!) and Creme Brulee French Toast ( epicurious.com and search creme brulee french toast). And this doesn’t even include the main meal today of turkey which btw– we are brining using a recipe from Martha Stewart ( www.marthastewart.com and search brine a turkey)
The centerpiece today is so wonderful- one of our friends , Pam who is a school teacher- brought her homemade turkey head that you attach to a pineapple. I don’t know if any of the rest of you grew up with the same decor, but our family sure did! In fact, I know my sister is using hers today on her pineapple for the table centerpiece.
The other picture is NOT our table but a beautiful example of what can be done so simply with some cut branches and clear glass vases.
I have very much to be thankful for this year and wish all of you a wonderful day. And a very big thank you for allowing me to have a business where I can be so happy and and do exactly what I was born to do. Welcoming guests to my island paradise!

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