Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

December 2009

The hand made dog pillows

Aren’t these pillows wonderful! Sarah’s mom- the newly married Mrs. Dyer made these pillows for me! Danny has already taken over the sofa using these as his pillow to sleep. I promise, this is not “crazy dog lady” territory, this is a very thoughtful gift from someone with a great talent!
Danny and Max love this sofa, they sit on the arm or the back of the sofa and they look out the window all day long, watching the birds , watching the parade of people go by, just being Tybee dogs!


Just because he’s so cute….

I am not one to dress up dogs like little people ( sorry Jeff and Orlando!) I think those poor dogs are just cringing inside when their humans decide they need to look like them. I also think that so many humans really do look like their dogs. I was in the Vet’s office today with Max and one of my favorite past times is to look at the people and say yep, those people do indeed look like their dogs. I know I look like a lab. More like Danny then Max, but I absolutely am one of those people who others talk about saying, yes, she does belong with her dog!

This is the Christmas email we just received from Sandy, our puppy raiser of Berkeley, showing how cute he looks. He’s not really dressed up, so this is allowable. I also want to thank Sandy for keeping me so in the loop on what’s going on with Berkeley. Having worked with other puppy raisers, she is by far the best in keeping me in the loop on how he’s doing.

Keep up the good work Sandy and Berkeley! We need you to become the guide dog so friends like Dave and Sandi here on Tybee will have a guide dog to enhance their lives!!!

Updates on Berkeley our guide dog puppy in training


Berkeley our puppy Mermaid Cottages is sponsoring continues to grow, learn and become a socialized and well behaved dog. Sandy, who has raised several puppies, says he is definitely one of the smartest, if not the best! ( But Sandy probably says that about all her very wonderful guide dog puppies.)
Here are some recent picture of Berkeley from a visit Sandy made to Hilton Head Island . Sandy also tried a guide dog harness on him to start to show him how it feels when he’s a big grown up working dog! For more info on this truly wonderful program, visit http://www.guidedog.org/ or http://www.guidedogs.org/ We sponsor puppies with both schools, but in the future will just be working with The Guide Dog Foundation which is www.guidedog.org . More pictures to come on Berkeley!

The Christmas Day menu


The meal plated up.

Danny waiting beneath the dinner table for a scrap or two to fall in his general direction!

The pumpkin / pear pie

The potatoes with goat cheese.

I don’t intend to sound food obsessed, but after all it is the holidays! And I saw a great blog post about having Springform pan pants ( meaning for you non cooks that your pants can expand!) but that’s the type of Christmas day we had! Katie truly outdid herself and had lots of fun doing so. She created from scratch the pumpkin pie with pears nestled in a homemade gingersnap crust with a few pieces of crystallized ginger. The dinner itself was seared sea scallops- fresh and wild- not frozen and farm raised, roasted root vegetables– beets and carrots, sliced redskin potatoes with goat cheese ( she brought from Brevard– one of her colleagues makes the cheese) and maple bacon, her home made applesauce.


I also realized I don’t have a career as a food stylist or food photographer. I love to take pictures but either I’m too much in a hurry to eat what’s been prepared or I need to take a picture of a plate and really take my time with the photo. Either way, the food was delicious, the pictures of the food, not so good! Enjoy!

Merry Christmas Y’all!

This says it all today! This is the Christmas decorations hanging over the door @ our favorite southern chef’s beach home created by our own mermaid, Shannon. A frying pan- of course- with our Christmas greeting! I hope everyone is having as good a Christmas day as Katie, Mom and I are!