Hollywood comes knocking @ our door

The phone rang a couple times on Wednesday @ my sister’s house. Each time the caller asked to speak to Ryan Callahan (my nephew’s name). My nephew is a freshman at the University of Arizona and was back in Tucson beginning his 2nd semester.

The 1st caller paused when my sister said he wasn’t home and she said “I don’t think I’m calling the right Ryan Callahan. Is this the house of Ryan Callahan the producer?” My sister laughed and said no. Although they live in LA and it seems that everyone is a writer, director, producer, or actor, my sister and her husband are in the medical field. And both nephews are not involved in the “business”.

The 2nd time the phone rang and the caller asked for Ryan, my sister asked what was going on. The caller said “You know the show The Bachelor don’t you?” And of course, since we love reality TV, we do indeed know of the show although my sister had not watched it this season. The caller then went on to say there is a big scandal on the show and that the Ryan Callahan she was looking for is (or was) a producer on the show who apparently had an alleged “inappropriate relationship” with one of the young women vying for the affections of the The Bachelor. WOW! WOW! WOW!!! And… to make things even stranger, Ryan Callahan the producer, has a brother named Tim Callahan. So strange — my brother in law is named Tim Callahan.

My sister had a fun filled conversation with the caller who turned out to be a reporter for the online tabloid www.Radaronline.com and she even offered to help my nephew Ryan get an internship at the tabloid when he was back from college. ONLY IN LA!!!!!

If you want to learn more about Ryan Callahan (the producer), go to www.radaronline.com OR go to www.TMZ.com and scroll down until you see the blurb about the Bachelor and Ryan Callahan. BTW – TMZ stands for The Thirty Mile Zone which represents the 30 mile radius around LA which is where so much of the celebrity activities occur.