My Afternoon in Beverly Hills

A few years ago I was introduced to one of the best hair salons in the country from my friend Cindy. Juan Juan Salon Sean and Ellie are a brother/ sister combo who are truly the stylist and colorist to the stars. And a few ordinary people like myself!

They always make me feel so incredibly welcome and not at all like a duck out of water. I’ve over heard some pretty fascinating conversations while sitting waiting for my highlights to set from the powerful hollywood executives that also frequent the salon. We’re all there for the same reason, to have our color look sunkissed and natural and have our cut be one we can re create when we get home- which thanks to Sean’s mastery, I’m indeed able to do. I also have my eyebrows done by Stephanie G- she is an eyebrow and makeup specialist. For those of you who have never had your eyebrows done professionally- the difference it makes in your appearance is eye opening ( excuse the pun!) In fact, Stephanie is going to be an occassional guest blogger giving us normal folks some make up tips we all can use. She’ll start this very soon- so check back with us!

After I finished, I walked across the street to Saks Fifth Avenue so see if they carried Jo Malone. For those of you who read this blog regularly, you might remeber my blogging about how much I not only love the fragrences, but love the packaging! It’s half the fun! The wonderful lady who helped me is also a fellow blogger ( I tell you, I love discovering those of you out there who blog – you keep appearing in the most fun places!) Kate is also going to be a guest blogger- so be on the look out for her blog posts on tips on fragernce and maybe some occassional food/ recipe ideas / tips!

So, despite the ran and despite the crazy amount to park a car ( $15.00 for 3.5 hours!!!) I had a great afternoon in Beverly Hills!

After my time