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As promised- here is our blog post from one of our new “guest bloggers”. Kate is available via email or phone should you have any more follow up questions about fragrance and not just Jo Malone.

‘Greetings form the Jo Malone Counter at Saks Beverly Hills! What a pleasure to run into Diane on this rainy, slow day! One of the things I love about fragrance is all of the weird things you learn about smell and scents. The trivia that I shared with Diane today was all about trying on cologne. When you apply a scent to your wrist, never rub it in. It will break down the perfume oil and won’t smell as good or for as long. Instead, what you really want is heat. Heating the elements of any fragrance will bring it to its best sniff, so pressing your wrists together will release a better aroma. Or you can always fall back on Coco Chanel’s old adage, “Put perfume where you want to be kissed!”

Let me know if you want more or less or want to talk perfume some more!
Thanks for the opportunity to play!”


Kate Linington

9600 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills CA 90212

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