Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

2992 miles….

Thanks to everyone for welcoming us back to Tybee. We drove a total of 2992 miles on our across the road trip- from Northridge, California to Savannah, Georgia. The trip was truly memorable for so many reasons and I highly recommend this to everyone who’s said to me- of I wish I could do this! Air travel is a miracle of modern man and a great way to get around, but there’s something to be said to physically moving yourself across this amazing country of ours. The topography alone is worth the trip to see how vast and big our country is. I’m still thinking about how flat and wide and quiet the Interestate was in Arizona and New Mexico and how that same highway becomes busy and full of people the closer you get to the east coast.

One of my 10-10-10 adventures is now checked off the list!! Thank you to all my Marriott friends who where so generous with helping me with my travel accomodations and thank you to sisse, Mom and Donna for being part of the mini van!

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