Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

Vintage Trailers – what amazing uses!

I love vintage trailers. I’d love to find one to restore and park in front of my home. Not for any reason other then I just love how it would look!

I can’t find one to restore- so any leads anyone has- please, please , please let me know. As long as I can trailer it back to Tybee and then start the restoration process, I’m there to pick it up!

On our road trip, we spent time in the Seaside, Florida area. We stayed at a vacation rental owned by one of my long time industry friends- Brown Eyed Girl Beach House. The home was great and if you’re ever looking for a home in the area, please check this rental out!

Seaside is wonderful on many, many levels. I still love Tybee, but there were things about this place I loved. These trailers and their new lease on life was one of those things. They are lined up right in the town center of Seaside and are now being used as cupcake shops, BBQ shops, coffee shops and even a organic farmer’s market style cafe. Add to this the plants, flowers, awnings and great seating and you have a place that everyone wants to come and experience. Keep in mind I was there in the middle of the winter and they still were incredibly appealing and inviting.

I’m keeping my search open, who knows, my next venture maybe a cupcake shop set up in a vintage airstream!

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