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The Last Song Red Carpet Flip Flop Party March 31st

We are in countdown mode- the movie opens next Wednesday March 31st! Do you have to ask which movie? Is there really any other?? Nicholas Sparks book and movie ” The Last Song” opens and we’ll be there 500 people strong to watch the movie en masse! If you haven’t already done so- be sure you call or visit Seaside Sisters here on Tybee Island to buy your tickets. The ticket will include the Red Carpet pre party at the Tybee Ballroom ( or Gym as it’s usually known) then we’ll be heading over to the Victory Square Movie Theatres to watch the movie, then after we’ve cried and cheered and just about burst with pride, we’ll be heading back to Tybee for the after party @ Huckapoo’s bar and restaurant.

Best of all ( if it could get any better) the event will be a fundraiser for Sea Turtle Projects right here on our island. Who by the way had a staring role in both the book and movie. See you on the Tybee style Red Carpet next week!

You can call the shop or go right to their website www.seasidesisterstybee.com

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