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Pet Guests of Mermaid Cottages

We are putting in all our pet friendly cottages a new gift for our furry guests. We will have a jar ( right next to our dog biscuits!) full of red dog tags that say:

“I am a pet guest of Mermaid Cottages. If found, please call 912 313 0784.”

These are for our pet visitors to wear while they are here and if they’d like- may also take home with them and wear as their souvenir of their visit to Tybee and our cottages! We know most likely they’ll never decide to go off touring on their own, but just in case, there is now a local number for someone to call in case they get lost.

This picture of Danny showes him wearing his- forgive those red eyes- yes he can be the devil dog counter surfing, but it was just my camera acting up.

Be sure to look for the jar here in the cottages and if any of our previous guests would like me to send them one to wear, just let me know and I’ll drop one in the mail!

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