Day 1 with The Lettered Cottage Couple and the Tybee Island Mess Hall project!

Layla and Kevin  have begun…….   I am totally amazed by what they create on their blog.   This is a picture of Layla in the Mess Hall showing off the kitchen and third bedroom.

I want you to head over to their blog and watch the video and read their Day 1 updates.  Then I want you to add your suggestions to the 201 comments already showing up as suggestions for the new name of this home.  Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!!!!

This is such a fun project!  Magic really does happen in every day life sometimes. The Lettered Cottage

I’m off to bed- I’m on 6AM Sea Turtle Patrol Duty! Looking to see if any of our sea turtles have come ashore to lay any eggs yet…..