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June 12, 2010

Pictures of our newest Guide Dog Puppies!

All “four” of my dogs- on the fence side with me is Berkeley ( the almost year old black lab) and Boomer ( the 14 week old golden retriever) and on the other side of the fence is Danny and Max. Who truly had no interest in playing. All they cared about was when was their human coming back over to their side of the fence so they could go inside and cool off.
The newest puppy came to visit us last week!  Boomer is a 14 week old Golden Retriever Puppy.  Is there anything cuter this a golden puppy?
Berkeley is the other guide dog puppy we are sponsoring- he’s almost a year old now and about to go back to Guide Dog school for his training.  This picture shows  his tail and you can also see how much bigger he grew!
When I first decided I wanted to offer the guide dog biscuits as a way to raise money to help sponsor a guide dog I had no idea how long it would take to put together the label the product and everything else.
It was worth it when I saw these two pups last week!  And will be even more worth it when Berkeley hopes finishes up his guide dog training and becomes some type of a service dog!

Our Sponsored Guide Dogs Puppies come to visit.

Danny had absolutely no interest in the puppies.  He really wisted they go home and leave his human alone!

Boomer who’s now 14 weeks old and cute as can be!
Berkeley and Boomer playing in the front yard.

Mermaid Cottages sponsors a guide dog puppy every year.  Sandy is the puppy raiser for both the puppies and brought the adorable pups by for a visit last weekend.  Berkeley is heading back to Guide Dog School in the very near future- he turns one next week and he’s ready for the next level of his training.  Boomer is just now at 14 weeks beginning his socialization process.

We’ll keep everyone updated on when Berkeley goes to school and how he’s doing. In the meantime, Boomer is just going to win every one’s hearts wherever he goes.

And don’t forget- Beach Bum Biscuits proceeds all goes towards helping sponsoring our pups!