Tybee Island, the busiest place on the face of the earth!

I AM SO BUSY!!!!!!    The phones are ringing like crazy, the emails are flying thru cyberspace and landing on my lap top and black berry, the guests are arriving and departing faster then I can remember- SUMMER IS HERE!

On top of the busiest summer season ever,  Layla and Kevin are working like crazy on the Mess Hall.  Creating pure magic. Truly magic! If you haven’t been to their website, you have to visit daily.   And on top of THAT- we are doing a photo shoot at a couple of our cottages this Friday and Saturday for a coffee top table being published in Australia.

All this is a round about way of saying I’m keeping up with Twitters and Twitter Pictures on a regular basis ( very easy to tweet and take a quick picture) as well as our Mermaid Cottages Facebook page.  So if you’re not seeing alot of blogging, please check out the other two quick snippets of our Tybee Island lives!