Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

June 2010

Our Sponsored Guide Dogs Puppies come to visit.

Danny had absolutely no interest in the puppies.  He really wisted they go home and leave his human alone!

Boomer who’s now 14 weeks old and cute as can be!
Berkeley and Boomer playing in the front yard.

Mermaid Cottages sponsors a guide dog puppy every year.  Sandy is the puppy raiser for both the puppies and brought the adorable pups by for a visit last weekend.  Berkeley is heading back to Guide Dog School in the very near future- he turns one next week and he’s ready for the next level of his training.  Boomer is just now at 14 weeks beginning his socialization process.

We’ll keep everyone updated on when Berkeley goes to school and how he’s doing. In the meantime, Boomer is just going to win every one’s hearts wherever he goes.

And don’t forget- Beach Bum Biscuits proceeds all goes towards helping sponsoring our pups!

Day 1 with The Lettered Cottage Couple and the Tybee Island Mess Hall project!

Layla and Kevin  have begun…….   I am totally amazed by what they create on their blog.   This is a picture of Layla in the Mess Hall showing off the kitchen and third bedroom.

I want you to head over to their blog and watch the video and read their Day 1 updates.  Then I want you to add your suggestions to the 201 comments already showing up as suggestions for the new name of this home.  Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!!!!

This is such a fun project!  Magic really does happen in every day life sometimes. The Lettered Cottage

I’m off to bed- I’m on 6AM Sea Turtle Patrol Duty! Looking to see if any of our sea turtles have come ashore to lay any eggs yet…..

The Lettered Cottage comes to Tybee Island

I believe many of you know the amazing work of Layla and Kevin Palmer of The Lettered Cottage. Layla is one of the top bloggers in the world with thousands of people following not only their daily adventures, but their work as they restored their own cottage in Alabama.
They have arrived in Tybee. They are going to work on the bigger side of the Mess Hall ( which we’ve just kicked off a contest to name thru Layla’s website) and take all my junkin’ treasures,local art and wonderful found items ( from the Tybee mall on occasion) and create a brand new vacation rental.   Not just a vacation rental, but one they will decorate completely in less then 10 days.   Even more fun, they will be recording this entire adventure with video’s, pictures and details on their blog.  They are heading over to the home later this AM and the adventure will officially begin!  Be sure you take a few minutes each day and visit their website to watch all the fun!
Kevin and Layla!

The bounty from my Tybee Community Garden!

I can’t believe what’s happening in my little 8×4 plot at the Tybee Community Garden. I guess all that sifting and working the soil and adding the organic chicken manure and cow manure from grass fed happy cows is really working  My garden has EXPLODED with “crops”!!!!! These are flowers I actually grew from seed!!!

My squash has grown and I harvested 10 today!  I clipped a huge pile of basil from my plants. I even was able to cut flowers that I’d planted to help attract lady bugs to keep the bugs away.  I am so impressed with myself- more then I ever thought I would be!

Dinner is going to be very , very good tonight. Recipes to follow…