Mermaid Sighting: Mountain Mermaid

     This week a fellow mermaid, Louie Windom, sent in her recent sighting for us to enjoy! When she was in Florida, Louie went in search of artist Wendy Prentice.

Louie as a Wendy Mermaid!
     Wendy paints mermaids, and her work has even been featured in Coastal Living Magazine. She found her shop near Grayton Beach and, even though Wendy wasn’t there at the time, Louie still had fun looking around and snapping fun mermaid shots! 
You too can pose as a Wendy Mermaid!
Wendy was featured as a Coastal Character in Coastal Living Magazine!

     Louie is a displaced mermaid herself, being a Florida girl living in Denver,CO! You can visit her and see what she is up to at her Mountain Mermaid blog. Thanks for sharing your sighting with us Louie!

     Remember, if you see a mermaid share your pictures with us! Send your sightings to and your pictures could be featured as our next Mermaid Sighting! We look forward to hearing from you soon!