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Live Like a Local: Little Gracie

     October is always a fun time to enjoy the fall…and then, of course, there’s Halloween! Though most people only tell ghost stories during this time of year, we here in the Savannah area know that the spirits are active all year round!
     The tale of Little Gracie is a perfect example. Gracie Watson was the only child of the Watson Family, owners of the Pulaski Hotel. Little Gracie was a guest favorite at the lavish parties the Watsons held regularly, but she tended to wander off as the hours dwindled and could often be found playing in the stair well of the great hotel.
     Gracie took ill with pneumonia and passed away at the tender age of six, two days before Easter in 1889. Though the Pulaski Hotel is long gone, people still report hearing a child’s playful giggles in the area where the stair case used to be. Some have even seen a little girl in period clothing dashing past them.

     Little Gracie was laid to rest in Savannah’s Bonaventure Cemetery, where you can still visit her grave in Section E. A life sized statue of the child is there, and it is said if you bring a small trinket to leave at the monument, you can hear the sounds of a child playing.
     Yes, our area if full of visitors from the past. Plan a visit, explore, and have a fun and spirited time!

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