Mermaids in Our Midst: Our Favorite Mermaid!

Our very own mermaid, Jan Meyer, had an adventure this past Saturday…she saw our favorite mermaid! Here’s her email:

Was at Goodwill today (yes, Paula Deen shops at Goodwill) and look who we ran into! She was great! I introduced myself and that I take care of her beach cottage. She said “Honey, glad ya’ll do such a good job, ’cause I sure don’t have the time!” Then I told her I went to see her dentist (she does commercials for) and that, when I won the lottery, I’d go back! She laughed and said “Well, he sure worked a miracle on me!” She was a gracious and lovely Mermaid in our midst! And, when she got ready to go, she hollered to her friend, “Honey, I’m ready to go, I’m all checked out! Hey ya’ll, don’t ya love my intercom system?”

photo also over in the Paula Deen Fan page album!
How exciting!! Guess you never know who you might run into while out shopping. This picture was also posted on Paula’s Facebook Page, so make sure you head over there and enjoy more of Paula Deen’s adventures! Thanks to Paula, she sure made Jan’s day!