Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

January 2011

Mermaid Tales: Doodlebug Cottage

Welcome to Doodlebug Cottage at 1210 Venetian Drive, Tybee Island! This home is a ground level cottage and has been newly updated, not to mention filled with wonderful local and regional art. Doodlebug sits directly across from Horse Pen Creek, with beautiful views in every direction. The entire front of the cottage is spanned my a wonderful, cozy screened porch just perfect for whiling the hours away. Relax with a cup of freshly brewed Mermaid Morning Blisscoffee and enjoy Mother Nature’s nightly show as the sun sets over your amazing marsh views.

Doodlebug Cottage is well suited for family or friend groups, and there’s enough off street parking for three cars. Your cottage is equipped with everything you need to enjoy cooking at home, staying connected, or just enjoying a little time together. There’s a fully equipped kitchen, complimentary high speed Wifi, books galore, and games to enjoy. And what vacation is complete without your four legged best friends? Don’t leave them behind…Doodlebug Cottage welcomes cats and dogs! The fully fenced back yard is even the perfect spot for them to burn off some of their energy. Tybee has beautiful sunny days, so make sure to pack your walking shoes and bicycles. Doodlebug Cottage is in a great spot for nature strolls or bike riding. You might even catch a glimpse of dolphins feeding and playing, or magestic herons soaring over the marsh. Tybee’s beautiful beaches are only 6 blocks away, and you are only one block from AJ’s Dockside Restaurant. It’s some of the best seafood on the island!

Well, what in the world are you waiting for…no more excuses! Why not plan a visit to Tybee Island and Doddlebug cottage right away?


It’s been one of those weeks.  For the last several weeks.  I’ve been anxious to get back to Tybee to see my friends, walk with my dogs, have many, many awesome meals and to see all the activity going on at Mermaid Cottages.  There are new cottages joining their already fantastic collection of homes and I want to be there to experience them first hand.  Each cottage and home in the Mermaid Cottages collection has a content and a character that is unique and honorable and representative of what’s best in this life.

Yet. I have been delayed.  My journey has hit some bumps and snags.  The content and character of some situations have left me dumbfounded.  Bewitched, bothered and bewildered as the old song goes.

As you may remember from an earlier blog, on Christmas night a lady decided to turn her Volvo into a snow plow and demolished our little red convertible. Thus, our saga begins.  Our insurance company was also her insurance company, so what were they to do?  There was no other insurance company to go after to recoup our losses and no chance for said insurer to profit in this catastrophe.  Initially, this mutual insurer refused to declare our car a total loss even though it had substantial frame damage.  The adjusters claimed it could be fixed good as new if we would only agree to take it to a repair shop of their choice where they would only use the finest non-specific, no brand name, non manufacturer recommended replacement parts.  UGH!

Once we finally won the right to have our battered car inspected by a collision specialist professional who summarily prescribed a “modest” repair estimate of over $20,000, we were informed we would be receiving a settlement that as of the writing of this blog is still in mediation.  Their people are talking to our people.  Well, you know how long that could take.  And mind you, once the insurer begrudgingly totaled our car they stopped paying for our rental car.

It was time to go car shopping.  Everyone loves a new car, right?  We sat down and began adding up our available resources.  We would have to go ahead and purchase a new car while we simultaneously battled our insurer over the replacement cost of our wrecked one.  I began checking my bank accounts and noticed something was amiss.  Even through I religiously schedule advance online payments to any open credit account I have, there was a note on two credit cards at one mega bank that said PAST DUE.  WHAT??????

I called the customer service number, patiently waited the requisite 40+ minutes for a live person to join me for a conversation only to get this response.  “We are sorry to inform you that we now have 28 million online banking customers, so sometimes mistakes happen.  You are correct in that you did properly schedule advance payment on your card balances, but we recently went through a substantial system upgrade to better serve you, our valued customer, and it resulted in the loss of pre-scheduled payments entered by you and many other of our customers.”  WHAT?????  I queried, ” So, in the interim, even though you folks knew this had happened you did not notify me or any other customer AND you charged me and everyone else late charges AND someone had the free time to construct this inane response just in case some sucker like me caught the errors and called to ask about them?” “Yep”, was the meek reply.  “You are correct.  I will reverse the late charges and make the corrections to your account, but you’ll need to continue to watch your account in case it happens again while we continue with our upgrades to serve you better.”   WHAT?????

Next, we sat down and did our research and decided we wanted to be good Americans and invest our hard earned money in an American auto in support of “Made in the USA” and an American car company, or so we thought.  Time after time we looked in shocked dismay at the cost of American cars and the information posted on the window stickers: Engine-Mexico; Transmission-France; Final Assembly Point-Canada. Hmmm.

Well, at this point some changes have occurred.  We’ve been pleasantly surprised at the coverage and treatment we now have at our new insurer’s office and are pondering  what we might do with the substantial savings we’ll now have from their lower premiums and higher converages.  We’ve already been approved for a much lower interest rate at our local, community credit union where we’ve moved our accounts as the representatives at our mega bank continued to declare to us how much they were doing to better serve us.  And, we finally found a new car that impressed us with its  national pride,  regard for quality and customer service and consistency of value; motor-Japan; transmission-Japan; final assembly point-Japan.

I’ll be headed back to Tybee soon.  I’ll finally get to visit my favorite haunts and experience the new cottages:

 and meet the newest Mermaid, Sophie, a black lab Rescue. 

BUT, after these recent experiences I am giving fair warning for my behavior:

 It’s about content and character.  It’s about knowing you and I have a choice.  It’s about feeling good about trusting your judgement.  It’s about not carrying the burden when others don’t live up to basic expectations. 
It’s about getting Tybee-ized when you need it.  It’s COTTAGE CHEESE!

Welcome SOPHIE!

Say AHOY! to our newest member of the Mermaid Cottages Team, SOPHIE!

Sophie is a Black Lab Rescue and she joins Danny, our Yellow Lab, at Mermaid Manor.

Along with the usual Mermaid duties such as meeting and greeting our guests and providing world class customer service to everyone on Tybee, Sophie will rise to super model status as she poses for photos, PR layouts and guest spots just like Danny.  She already has her super model smile perfected (don’t you love her toothy grin)!

Already this week, Sophie has been featured on Doggie of the Day and has developed quite a fan base on PEOPLEPets.com!

Sophie attributes her super model figure and dazzling smile to her favorite new treats, Beach Bum Biscuits!

Contact Sophie at mermaidcottages.com and she’ll help you get your supply of Beach Bum Biscuits and you too could be our Beach Bum Biscuits Eater of the day!


Live Like a Local: Tybee Water Fair!

Tybee Island has a lot in store for the 2011 spring and summer season, but there are some cool things going on right this minute, too! The weather is a bit more normal, in the fifties, and our days have been beautiful. If you are in need of a day at the beach, you are in luck! The Ocean Plaza Resort is offering free parking! They are offing up their 15th Street lot for free parkingto the community from now through March 31st, so there’s no excuse! Come out and enjoy our beautiful island now!

This weekend has fun in store as well. Saturday, January 29th, is the Tybee Water Fair! We all know conservation is important to our environment, and it’s just smart to boot! Have you been wanting to start helping out, but just didn’t know where to start? Have no idea what collecting rain water is all about, or are you just curious of new ways to keep your conservation efforts going? You can get all of those answers and more at the Tybee Water Fair! This event it fun for the family, and best of all? It’s free!There will be demonstrations, exhibits, and workshops for all ages to help teach the importance of being good stewards of one of our most important natural resources…water!

You will enjoy:
  • Water saving devices and practices (low flow toilets & showers & more)
  •  Native plants, xeriscaping, shallow wells, rain barrels and cisterns
  •  The Floridan aquifer, grey water, ground water contamination
  •  Hands on workshops and contests for kids
  •  First Gracie Lou Water Glass Music Trophy will be awarded for the best music on water glasses (anyone of any age may enter.
  •   You may bring your own water glasses and props, or use ours)
  •  “Saving Water” Poster Contest for Kids from 4 to 12 years old (Bring 8.5 inch by 11 inch Entries to Tybee Gym at 10 a.m. on 1/29 – judging will be at 11 a.m.)
  • Over 50 Door Prizes plus drawing for dual flush toilet (includes installation!)

For more information about the day and a Schedule of Events, email tybeewaterfair@earthlink.net or visit the Savannah Greensource website or Facebook Page! It’s going to be a lot of fun. And what better way to spend a beautiful day on our island than by learning how to hep the environment? Come on out and learn along with the rest of us…hope to see you there!

Mermaid Sighting: A Professional Mermaid!

     Fellow Mermaid Melissa (way up in the snow banks of Pennsylvania!) shared this website with us after seeing it’s owner feature on the Kathie Lee and Hoda hour of the TODAY show this past week! Mermaids In Motion aims to give you a truly live mermaid experience. Mermaid Linden not only performs for parties, events, in film, and in print, but she also helps children gain and grow their love and respect for the world’s oceans…and that makes her a hero in our book!

     Isn’t that amazing?! What a dream job, huh? Mermaid Linden, thank you for what you do, and for proving to the world mermaids DO exist! If you see a mermaid, please share! Send your mermaid sightings to diane@mermaidcottages.com and it may end up in our next post!