Mermaids in Our Midst: Lorraine Powell

It is never easy to say goodbye, but it is extra tough when the person you must let go is such an amazing individual. I recently had to say goodbye to my good friend, Lorraine Powell. Lorraine was one amazing lady. Not only was she a huge success in the hospitality industry, she was also a valued member of the Georgia Chapter of Meeting Professionals International for 24 years. There, she used he influence to  bring attention to a cause she was very passionate about- the annual Atlanta Ovarian Cancer Walk.

When Lorraine was diagnosed with ovarian cancer herself, it never stopped her dedication or determination. She served as an active member of the Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance. As a patient, she participated in Southeastern Gynecological Oncology’s Buddy Program, a program providing patient-to-patient support for fellow patients in need.

Lorraine was an amazing person, passionate volunteer, and, I am honored to say, friend. She will always be an inspiration to me and to others she touched with her beautiful spirit. If you are in Atlanta, make sure you check out the Atlanta Ovarian Walk and the Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance. For that matter, find a walk near you -where ever that may be- to support as well. It’s a great cause that brings attention to an awful disease that really, really needs a cure.