Beach Bum Biscuits:Easter’s On Its Way!

What color will your Easter eggs be this year?  Haven’t decided, yet?  While walking my dogs around the island I found my inspiration!

I love the cool blue I saw on this painted flower pot in front of Nora’s Cottage and I love the idea of an Easter basket full of bright blue eggs nestled in white grass and dotted with yellow PEEPS throughout.  I used to think I had to have eggs in every shade imaginable, but lately I’m drawn to less colors and more contrast.  I think I’ll make one large basket of blues and yellows and whites for my Easter table and maybe I’ll still dye more eggs in different colors to donate to a local hunt.  I  enjoy dyeing the eggs and hiding them, but since I don’t have small children I won’t be hiding any in the yard at Nora’s.

Now, my dogs always enjoy finding treats, so I’ll donate my brightly colored Easter eggs and instead hide Beach Bum Biscuits around the yard for my Pawsome Pals.   Besides, each dog friendly cottage is well stocked with a supply of Beach Bum Biscuits and I’m sure my Wag Pack will find everyone!

Nora’s Cottage has this wonderful, fenced-in back yard.  I might just discover that nap I’ve been missing while the dogs find their treats!

Be sure to plan your trip to Nora’s Cottage.  An adventure to waiting for you!