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Mermaids in New York!

When you think about mermaids, naturally the ocean comes to mind. Well, who said mermaids only live in the ocean? We like to think mermaids make any body of water their home! So it didn’t surprise us to see this mermaid sighting (complete with dolphin companion!) come to us all the way from the lake side city of Dunkirk, New York!

Merman Rob, hubby of our own Mermaid Melissa, spotted this lovely lady while out geocaching!he tells us she makes her home right outside of Dunkirk, NY at a lakeside motor court. Isn’t that awesome? Mermaids really do pop up everywhere! Thanks so much for sharing Rob, she’s gorgeous!

Do you have a mermaid sighting to share? Please sen your pictures and stories to diane@mermaidcottages.com and let us share your sighting with the world! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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