More Fabulous Mermaid Art!

What’s better than one beautiful piece of functional mermaid inspired art? Well, more than one of course! If you remember, last week we shared Karyn Z.’s fabulous mermaid coffee table with you. The table was the creation of the super talented Duke DesRochers. This week, Duke himself has shared more fabulous mermaid creations with us! Just look at these gorgeous pieces. Simply stunning! Don’t you just love the way the lovely ladies seem to dance in place? We can’t get enough!

Just a sampling of the amazing talent of artist, Duke DesRochers!

Find out more about artist Duke DesRochers over at his blog or follow him on Facebook and never miss seeing his newest work, right in your news feed! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent with us Duke. Keep those sultry sirens coming- they are too amazing for words!

If you’ve seen a mermaid, we’d love to hear about it! Please send your mermaid sightings to and keep an eye out…your sighting could be featured right here on our blog. He can’t wait to hear from you!