I’m Coming Out!

by Cottage Cheese

L-R Mermaid Jan, Brandon Branch, Mermaid Denise

The phone rang as it usually does seven days at week at Mermaid CottagesMermaid Denise took the call.  “Hey, Denise.  It’s Brandon.  Paula’s coming out to Tybee to take a few pictures and she wants to stop by to say hello and do a little shopping.  If we have time we’ll stop by and say hello to the guests at Y\’all Come Inn.”

Now, it’s not unusual for the phones at Mermaid Cottages to be ringing.  It’s not unusual for folks to say they’re coming out to Tybee.  As with most phone calls, when someone says they’re coming the Mermaid Action Team gets busy.

In this case, Brandon is Brandon Branch.  Yep, The Brandon Branch, Style Director for Paula Deen and co-author of Paula Deen’s Savannah Style.  And, the Paula he called about is The Paula DeenPaula and her husband, Michael, and Brandon and Paula’s Glam Squad and their entourage of PR folks made a little trip out to Tybee Island for some photo shoots.

In the background, Mermaid Denise and Mermaid Jan had to coordinate how to have the guests staying at Paula’s beach house on call without telling them they were going to have the ultimate VIP experience, touch base with the staff at Seaside Sisters and help them prepare the shop for Paula‘s visit and get themselves ready for the Paula Deen train of vehicles soon to come.

As with any task Mermaid Denise and Mermaid Jan take on, everything went smoothly and there were lots of laughs, excited fans, photos, autographs, shopping and even time for Paula and Michael to run around making giant bubbles!

We’re used to having fun with Paula‘s lifesize color cutout that resides at her beach house, but it was an extra special day to be able to spend a little time with her and Michael and Brandon and the crew in person!  Yes, she’s the same sweet, funny, loving person in the flesh.  Everyone with Paula‘s group made everyone on Tybee feel like old friends, just as they always do.  Mermaid Denise and Mermaid Jan and the staff at Seaside Sisters made their VIP guests feel right at home just like they do for every Tybee Island guest.

It’s Tybee, y’all.  It’s where Mermaids and Mermen,  Seaside Sisters, islanders and low country visitors share good times.

Thank you, Brandon, Paula and Michael, Glam Squad and Paula Deen Enterprises. Y’all Come Inn anytime you get the notion!