Need a Little Girl Time?

Girlfriend getaways are possibly the best thing a group of women can share. There’s just something about being with your girlfriends that re-energizes and refreshes the soul. We know a thing or two about that around here at Mermaid Cottages!  Well, if you are looking for a getaway to connect with like-minded women, and even make some new friends, look no further than The NewHeight Group and their Getaway Weekends for Women!

Getaway Weekends are designed to foster the perfect combination of interesting women, networking opportunities, and exploration of new and important topics about changes women experience and how we transition in life. These getaways are small, with only about 10 to 12 women, to keep things intimate for active discussion and interaction. No doubt you will leave with new friends, new perspectives, new opportunities, the tools to move forward, and a renewed appreciation for taking time to step away from the world and take a little time for yourself.

For more information on upcoming getaways, visit The NewHeights Group website or contact Susan Morris at, or give her a call at 202-257-9241. You can also Like Getaway Weekends for Women on Facebook! Don’t wait because sometimes, we all need to step back and focus on the Four Rs: Reflect, Recharge, Refocus … and RELAX! If you need to getaway and get some girl time, check out Getaway Weekends for Women today!