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October 25, 2011

1st Annual Mermaid Cottages Writer Retreats

Mermaid Cottages is now accepting applications for our first Mermaid Cottages Writer Retreats.

Published authors and journalists are invited to apply for a complimentary Mermaid Cottages writing getaway.

Please copy and email this application request to diane@mermaidcottages.com.


Email Address:

Brief Biography:

Title(s) of Last Book(s), date of publication, and publishing house of my latest Book(s):

Title(s) of Published Works in Journalism, Newspapers, Print, etc, Name of Publication (Magazine, Newspaper,  etc) and Date Published:

Please give us three choices of dates for your writer retreat:

Please let us know the type of cottage you’d like to request:

_____ Pet Friendly

_____ Number of Bedrooms

_____ Number of Baths

_____Ground Level

_____ Raised Cottage

Is there a specific cottage you’d like to request (based on availability)?

Statement of Intent:

_____I understand I will be submitting a short story or essay of at least 1500 words to Mermaid Cottages in exchange for my stay from _______________ to _______________ (7 day/6 night maximum stay from November 2011 to March 2012). I also understand if my application is accepted I will be required to sign a separate permission form to allow Mermaid Cottages to publish my submitted short story/essay.

In exchange for this complimentary vacation cottage stay, writers agree to submit a short story or essay to Mermaid Cottages to possibly be included in a published compendium of stories about Tybee Island, GA. Authors will agree to license Mermaid Cottages to use their story in a published book, along with proper credit and a biography of each author, on the Mermaid Cottages’ website, and in any way to promote Mermaid Cottages Writer Retreats.

A writer’s story or essay must be a minimum of 1500 words and revolve around Tybee Island, or some aspect of the locale, either as a setting or a subject. We highly recommend the story line also include in some way the cottage in which the writer stays. Any literary genre of story or essay is acceptable, including but not limited to memoir, mystery, fantasy, romance, horror, fiction and non-fiction.

An agreement to write and permission to license your story will be part of the application to your Mermaid Cottages retreat. Stories must be submitted as a Word document within 30 days of the end of your stay at Mermaid Cottages.

We support the arts and want to publicize Tybee Island and Mermaid Cottages as a unique artistic retreat. It is our hope that these retreats will become a regular feature of our island and the publication of a book of short stories will serve to promote the arts in our area.

Applications will be accepted and booked on a first come basis as availability is limited.

Bring Out Your Inner Mermaid!

Halloween is next week! Can you believe it?! We sure can’t. Well, if you are still looking for a costume idea, why not go nautical! Mermaids are all the rage, if you haven’t heard, and there are loads of neat ways to show off your inner siren!

Everyone knows about The Little Mermaid, but there are so many more ideas to make your costume that much more unique. Look at all these different marvelous mermaid costumes (and even wigs!) we found online at Amazon.com and on mermaidcostume.net! We are especially partial to that little mermaid princess…but they are all fabulous! There are even beautiful tales to be found on Etsy…just look at these fabulous tales from Pixy Tales!

Already have an outfit and just need some cool accessories? Well check out these! We LOVE the seaweed boa something fierce, and those nautical prosthetics from PM and D on Etsy are simply amazing! We even saw this fun make-up tutorial for those looking to transform into their inner mermaid!

How awesome is that, pretty awesome right? We sure thought so! We’ve been completely inspired for next week’s festivities and we hope you have too! Happy Haunting!