Mermaid Guests Say It Best!

by Julie Engelhardt



Y’all know how much Mermaid Cottages loves taking care of our island visitors, but sometimes our guests say it best!  Mermaid Denise shared this wonderful, gracious blog post from our Guest Mermaid, Julie.  Julie’s blog post about her stay was so Mermaid Marvelous we asked Julie to share it with you here.

She Dreams of the Sea

Welcome to a glimpse of a mermaid’s world

a mermaid finding her way back to the sea . . .

This blog is about my magical journey and my exploration of paint, poetry, beauty, mystery, intuition, creativity, mermaid wisdom and fairy guidance.

Pink Cottages and Happy Mermaid Days!

Pink cottage II
Up until four years ago I lived my whole life near the Ocean.

These past four years I’ve been a landlocked mermaid.

But it’s only made me appreciate the Ocean even more.

Although I’ve been missing her so much.

Well I finally got to visit her.

A while ago I painted this watercolor of a pink beach cottage

and ever since

I’ve had a wish to stay in a pink beach cottage.

Well I got my wish last week!

I discovered the charming seaside town of Tybee Island in Georgia.

And would you believe I found a place called mermaid cottages!

They have the most adorable little pink beach cottage. …