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Hey Good Lookin’ What’s Cookin’?

Hey good lookin’…what’s cookin’?  Why J-Prons, of course!

These fabulous accessories are the handy work of Jackie Callahan and her company, J-Prons! Jackie is a self proclaimed “semi-empty nester” and wanted to fill her evening down time with creativity she doesn’t get the chance to let loose at her day job as a registered nurse for an insurance company.

“I have always loved to cook and, for some unknown reason, always loved aprons,” Jackie told us.

So, she found a pattern, bought some yummy fabric, and pulled out her 28 year old Singer sewing machine. Not long after, her first apron was finished and the addiction began. Jackie says it has been so much fun finding whimsical fabrics and fine-tuning her own designs.

 “My husband, Tim, came up with the company name, J-Prons. Jackie+Arpons=J-Prons! In addition to the aprons, I also make slouchy shoulder/beach bags and baby/toddler hats. So, like our motto says, we’ve got you covered!”

Make sure to head over to the official J-Prons Facebook Page and learn more about these fun, fabulous designs and keep up with all the new additions!

All of these fabulous designs are now available at Seaside Sisters, the best little shorehouse on Tybee, complete with our Mermaid Cottages logo! These accessories make great souvenirs, but you will want to stock up because they make wonderful gifts as well! If you’d like to check out all of our goodies, head over to our Goodies page for a preview!

This year, Mermaid Cottages would like to spotlight products and services created and produced here in America.  And, with the 2nd Annual Support Small Business Day approaching on November 26th,  we would especially like to encourage support of America’s small businesses.  Each of us has the power to affect change and take an active part in creating jobs and stimulating our economy.  If everyone pledged to “shop small” and made just one purchase from any of America’s small businesses, the impact would be huge!  Support of America’s small businesses boosts local economy and helps preserve neighborhoods.

Come and experience all the wonderful things that Tybee Island and Mermaid Cottages has to offer during this holiday season by booking a holiday stay now.  And, while you are here, you can also purchase Mermaid Cottages gift certificates, Mermaid Cottages Morning Bliss Coffee, our all natural Beach Bum Biscuits Dog Treats, Mermaid Cottages Note Cards and Calendars and our fabulous Tee Shirts.

It’s Tybee For The Holidays!

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