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Mermaid Sightings: Just Hanging Out

Mermaids come in all sizes, colors, shapes and forms.  Sometimes they’re just hanging out waiting for you to notice!

Our favorite Techie Merman, Michael, spotted this beauty recently while he was supervising the cable installations at our cottages:

“Okay, not a REAL Mermaid, but definitely one of your staff – this tough little girl was standing guard while the Comcast tech and I swapped out cables at one of the Cottages. She gave NO GROUND when I got close enough to take a decent picture – I had to back off a little bit to get her in focus, in fact, and while I was up closer, she was starting to rear up in the more classic “prayerful” mantis pose. I’ve seen a couple of little baby mantis on Tybee, typically around 1/3 of an inch long, but this one was at least 3″, maybe 4″ long. I love these bugs, since they tend to eat pests, and I was pleased to see one outside one of the Mermaid homes, taking care of our environment!”

Mermaids are wonderful, magical creatures…no matter what form they take!  Be sure to let us know when and where you see Mermaids and you could be featured in one of our Mermaid Sightings Blogs!

Come enjoy Tybee For The Holidays and Shop Small, Y’all!

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