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Say Merry Christmas with Mermaids!

You might think Christmas and Mermaids don’t mix…but we know they do around here! We’ve seen some fabulous ornaments for your tree and gift giving for that special coastal lover, but one thing we found really made our jingle bells ring! Look at these merry and bright Christmas cards featuring, what else, mermaids!

Just a sample of the whimsical work of artist Camille Grimshaw!
Look at this lovely lady!Who hasn't gotten tangled in lights at least once during the holidays?

These festive, beautiful cards are the work of Camille Grimshaw and you can find them in her shop, Camillion Creations on Etsy, along with loads of other amazing mermaid art. Camille is one talented lady, and we can’t get enough of her beautiful work. All of them are fabulous, but these Christmas cards are the perfect touch of whimsy for any one wishing to send coastal holiday cheer. I especially love the lovely lady busy checking off her Christmas shopping list! Make sure to stop by her shop and browse all of her work, because everything is fabulous…andas far as we are concerned, mermaids are in style all year-round!

Have you seen a mermaid? Well, we’d love to hear about it! Please send your mermaid sightings and stories to diane@mermaidcottages.com. We’d love to share your sighting with our Mermaid Nation, right here on our blog!

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